A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words: How Picture Messaging Commands Attention

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it’s never been more true when planning any type of marketing campaign. Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS allows brands to utilize picture messaging as a unique marketing tool to reach a large audience quickly and easily. MMS offers several advantages, making it appealing to both brands as well as consumers.

5 Ways Picture Messaging Commands Attention

1. Images Compel. Images create impact and cause reactions more immediately than simple words. According to Forbes, “Between Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, consumers share nearly 5,000 images every second of every day.” We are a visual, digital society. Our affinity for images means brands must think visually across all channels and MMS helps get this done. The images of MMS have the power to evoke emotions, humanize your brand, and create the connection you want and need with your audience.

2. No Character Limitations. Short Messaging Service or SMS limits you to 160 characters with spaces. On average, 160 characters equals about 25 to 28 words. Concise messages do work and are a powerful way to reach a large audience whenever and where ever. However, if your message can’t be condensed into 160 characters when sending a mass text message, it must be split into two messages or even multiple messages. Multiple messages (messages with parts 1, 2, and 3) can confuse the reader and are less likely to be opened by the recipient. Picture messaging solves this issue — remember, a picture (or video) can be worth a thousand words.

3. MMS Creates Allure. Allure is attraction, appeal, or a draw to something. Picture messaging effortlessly creates an allure for your audience, drawing them into your brand. Images help humanize and personalize your brand. For example, you decide to offer a give-away or run a contest. Instead of sending a plain text or SMS to your audience, send an MMS with a picture of the prize or give-away item. The image creates allure and entices your audience into action.

4. Easy Coupon Distribution Method. MMS is an effective method for coupon distribution. The CMO Council reports that, “44% of consumers say that they would like brands to deliver deals and coupons to their mobile devices.”  A restaurant may send a mouth-watering picture of an appetizer to its mobile subscribers. This MMS can offer subscribers a free appetizer with purchase of two adult dinners. Always include a specific call-to-action (CTA) with any MMS coupon. The CTA should include a specific use-by date or date(s) for which the offer is valid. With MMS, you can send coupons with bar codes, QR codes, or any other validation method that suits your business.

5. Higher Share Rate. We love to share pictures. With one click, an image is shared to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and almost instantly that image is seen by thousands — the right image can quickly receive millions of views. Opting for MMS increases your potential for a higher share rate. A funny, thought-provoking, or unique picture message will be shared by your audience and then shared again by the secondary receivers more often than a basic SMS.

Combining Short Messaging Service (SMS) with MMS is a simple yet effective way to reach your target market. Textpedite offers a mass text messaging service with MMS capabilities. You enjoy an easy-to-use interface that helps supply an immediate, attention-grabbing method for reaching and communicating with any audience — on-the-go or even internally within your organization.

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